Company overview

Over 25 years experience will help you to make
better decisions every day

In business, we all make decisions, day after day. Decisions, not only based on the current situation but also with an eye to the future.

To that end, you need answers to three specific questions:

  • How well is your company doing today?
  • Why is that?
  • What needs to change for things to be done even better?

Gut feeling is not enough to answer those questions correctly. Your decisions should be based on accurate, supporting data.

Searching for that data, collecting it and then making it available is LACO’s core business. We’re an ICT company with lots of expertise in finding and exploiting all the necessary information within your IT systems.

By collecting these data, cleaning it up, organising it and placing it in context, it becomes relevant and you’ll be able to make better and faster decisions.

LACO has over 25 years experience in Business Intelligence, Performance Management and Application Development.

As a true data expert, we have gained a lot of experience in specific business processes and company departments. Banking and insurance, pharmaceuticals, life sciences, healthcare and manufacturing are just some sectors in which we’ve built up specific expertise.

For departments within a company or organization, our goal is to provide even more insight for Finance, IT and Sales and Marketing.

There are two ways our customers can tap into our expertise. Customers can choose to hire our competency through staffing: LACO specialists who come to work at your location. Or you can give LACO full responsibility for end-to-end projects where we control timing and budget. You can also turn to LACO for staff training and be sure that new efficient solutions will be implemented within your organization successfully.

With more than 140 consultants, LACO is eager to help you in your journey towards better decision-making. We look forward to cooperating with you in the very near future.