Software solutions

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What is LACO Technology?

LACO Technology creates custom software solutions with different technologies in an Agile project approach.

LACO Technology can be based on your current application landscape or spark the start of a new future-proof environment. When thinking ‘Technology’, consider:

  • the possible synergies between legacy systems and new software
  • modernization of your environment
  • or even the choice of a completely new environment.

Why a LACO Technology?

Companies are constantly looking for new ways to make projects more predictable and keep budgets under control. Moreover, they are often overwhelmed by a plethora of tools, which causes loss of overview.

LACO Technology helps you to make the right choices, so you can use a consistent and integrated environment.

Why choose LACO Technology?

  • Two-weekly operating top-quality software
  • Applications that grow with your business through an iterative approach
  • Quick wins: boost for your return on investment
  • Accurate forecasts using Agile Metrics
  • Predictable costs

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