Development in APEX

Create solid, extensible and secure applications swiftly

Wat is Oracle APEX?

Oracle Application Express (APEX) is a web-based development platform which offers you the best possible support in creating solid, extensible and secure applications swiftly.

Oracle APEX is a license-free part of the Oracle database, thus you get maximum benefit from the power of the database. It enables you to roll out countless possibilities of the web in your own organization.


  • Critical data that are scattered across your company (e.g. MS Excel) require consolidation, protection and backup.
  • Certain corporate data need to be available everywhere on the Internet in a secure way.
  • Our company’s situation makes it necessary that new products and offerings find their way to the market quickly.
  • You want to move away from conventional programming and evolve towards a platform that gives you the best possible support in creating new applications.
  • You need a professional web application which combines multilingual functionality, ease of use and flexibility and which can be designed entirely in your own corporate style

Why choose LACO?

  • Building on the ample possibilities of Oracle APEX, LACO has developed its own methodology and framework. Focus has shifted from development to the creation of business value.
  • The Agile methodology provides iterative software entirely in line with your corporate goals. The result is a considerably shorter time-to-market.
  • The modular framework allows you to automate the setup of the project, which saves precious time. Depending on your needs, you can choose from various modules.
A few examples:
  • Admin module, allowing end users to handle the management of the application.
  • Automatic audit of all data, allowing validation at any time of which user handled which data.