Hybrid Technology Solutions

For a new powerful and flexible IT environment

What is Hybrid Technology?

Hybrid Technology makes it possible to combine the power of standard applications with the flexibility of custom-made technology. For the end user it is transparant whether a particular function or logic is supported by the standard functionality of the application or by the custom-built technology component.

Why Hybrid Technology?

Hybrid technologies are becoming increasingly widespread, in everyday life as well as in the field of ICT. The advantage of hybrid systems is that they can be seamlessly integrated and that no exclusive choice has to be made of one particular kind of technology.

Hybrid technology opens up a wide range of possibilities for any organization that is looking for a new powerful and flexible IT environment.

  • You are planning to replace a legacy ERP system, yet you do not wish to see your custom-built investment being lost.
  • You know that a rich functionality is important to the end users, yet you are not willing to launch large-scale custom-made projects.
  • You are looking for a new-generation IT platform which is capable of accommodating all aspects of your growth in an intelligent way.

Why choose LACO?

Hybrid Technology of LACO combines the best of two worlds (standard and custom applications) without encountering the usual integration problems. You will only get the benefits.