IBM Cognos

IBM Cognos Business Intelligence and Performance Management software provides you with the integrated dashboards, scorecards, reporting, analysis, and planning and budgeting capabilities you need to gain and act on fact-based insights. It provides a host of capabilities that:

• Help your organization achieve objectives and exceed expectations;
• Help your organization recognize subtle trends and patterns so you can anticipate and shape events and improve outcomes. Not only can you drive more top-line growth and control costs, you can also identify risks that could derail your plans – and take timely corrective action.

Make better business decisions faster with IBM solutions that take business intelligence to a whole new level. IBM innovations in business intelligence are designed to enable more people with broader analytics capabilities so that everyone has the relevant information needed to drive better business outcomes.

Cognos Insight is for individuals who need freedom and flexibility yet want to access corporate information and share insights with wider communities.
Cognos Express enables workgroups or midsize businesses to be up and running fast with a solution that is easy to install and manage.
Cognos Enterprise is for organizations that need to meet strategic objectives spanning multiple functions, levels and business units.

IBM Cognos solutions can also free the Office of Finance from the burden of spreadsheet-based processes with powerful capabilities to meet the complex needs of any finance organization.

Cognos TM1 can radically transform your planning cycle, from target setting and budget rollout all the way to reporting, analysis and re-forecasting. It helps you to uncover hidden business options and optimize performance.
Cognos Controller supports the complete close, consolidate and reporting process. Controller allows you to deliver complete financial results, create financial and management reports, and provide the chief financial officer (CFO) with an enterprise view of key financial ratios and metrics.