IBM PureData for Analytics

Meeting big data challenges with simplicity, speed and lower cost

Deep, sophisticated analysis of large amounts of data is extremely important for businesses who, in a smarter world, want to take a competitive edge.

By analyzing large amounts of data, it is crucial that patterns are identified to acquire new insights. For example, think of analyzing customer data to determine how customer satisfaction and profitability can be improved. Or think of analyzing the network traffic to optimize service and make it more profitable. This requires systems that are optimized for processing vast amounts of data and performing complex analysis.

The IBM System for Pure Data Analytics is powered by Netezza technology and is basically a device optimized for performance analysis.

It integrates database, server and storage into one and needs little setup and management. It makes the data services for analytical applications even easier and optimizes its performance. That’s why calculating highly complex algorithms is not a question of days anymore, but only takes a few minutes.


  • Speed: 10x faster compared to a traditional system
  • Simplicity: Ready for loading data in less than four hours, without database indexes or storage management
  • Scalability: Ability for user data in the order of petabytes
  • Smart: Performs complex algorithms in minutes – not days -, with the most comprehensive set of in-database analytics