SAS Enterprise BI

SAS Enterprise BI is a comprenhensive, easy-to-use business intelligence software solution that integrates the power of SAS Analytics and SAS Data Integration to provide insights that drive better decisions. It includes role-based, self-service interfaces for all types of users within a well-defined IT governance framework and a centralized point of administration. This helps organizations simplify and speed businness intelligence deployment.

SAS Enterprise BI helps you understand the past, monitor the present and predict outcomes as you move your business ahead. SAS delivers this through its technology and expertise in data integration, analytics, targeted business solutions and specific industry solutions.

Key capabilities are:

Portal and customizable dashboards
Point-and-click dashboard development enables users to create and customize their own dashboards in just minutes from virtually any data source.

Business visualization
Interactive visualization capabilities enable information producers to dynamically explore data, investigate patterns and uncover hidden facts. An extensive suite of customizable graphic presentation options present information and insights to information consumers that are not easily detected in tabular formats.

Web and desktop reporting
A wide variety of targeted, fit-to-task interfaces for report building, viewing and distribution open the power of SAS to all types of users with varying needs and skills, speeding better decision making while relieving the burden on IT.

Mobile business intelligence
A selection of easy-to-use data visualizations enables you to monitor key indicators and track trends from mobile devices.

Microsoft Office and SharePoint integration
Business users have seamless access to SAS Analytics and business intelligence from within their Microsoft Office applications, so it is easy for them to access data, perform queries and analysis, and create reports. They can also use familiar Microsoft Office functionality to distribute results to others.

Query and analysis
Information producers can easily access and query data on their own without having to learn new skills or make constant demands on IT for data and reports.

OLAP storage and OLAP data exploration interface
A powerful, multidimensional database is designed to handle large volumes of business intelligence data, and a specialized interface makes it easy to build and maintain OLAP data storage cubes. Business users can use their Web browsers to quickly and interactively look at summaries of large volumes of data from multiple angles.

Business metadata management
It’s easy to map physical data structures to readily understood business terms so that business users can self-sufficiently access consistent information. An open, central repository means metadata can be integrated, centrally managed and shared across the enterprise.

Flexible deployment options
Flexible deployment options can help you quickly integrate business intelligence into your existing organizational environment.

Guided analysis and model development
SAS® Enterprise Guide® provides a dynamic Microsoft Windows interface for guided analysis and model development that enables business analysts, statisticians and programmers to easily access data and leverage SAS Analytics and efficient processing across all enterprise platforms.

Applications development
In addition to the programming capabilities provided in SAS Enterprise BI Server, SAS® AppDev Studio™ provides a comprehensive environment for developing and customizing applications using a variety of languages and platform choices.