SAS Visual Analytics

Get introduced to the succesful combination LACO-SAS!

Innovation by LACO together with SAS

A picture is worth a thousand words – especially when you are trying to understand and gain insights from data. It is particularly relevant when you are trying to find relationships among thousands or even millions of variables and determine their relative importance.

Organizations of all types and sizes generate data each minute, hour and day. Everyone – including executives, departmental decision makers, call center workers and employees on production lines – hopes to learn things from collected data that can help them make better decisions, take smarter actions and operate more efficiently.

SAS® Visual Analytics is a new business intelligence solution that uses intelligent auto-charting to help business analysts and nontechnical users visualize data. It creates the best possible visual based on the data that is selected. The visualizations make it easy to see patterns and trends and identify opportunities for further analysis.

The self-service, ad hoc data visualization environment lets you explore data on your own, without burdening IT. Not a technical genius? That’s okay. You can easily create new views of the data simply by selecting items from a sidebar or dynamically filtering and grouping variables. Choose compelling visuals – box plots, heat maps, bubble charts and more – to breathe life into the data, revealing elusive insights that may spark further analysis.

No matter the size of your organization – or your data – with SAS Visual Analytics you can explore all relevant data quickly and easily. Now you can look at more options, uncover hidden opportunities, identify key relationships and make more precise decisions to drive success faster than ever before. Self-service, ad hoc visual data discovery and exploration put lightning-fast insights within everyone’s reach.

The heart and soul of SAS Visual Analytics is the SAS® LASR™ Analytic Server, which can execute and accelerate analytic computations in-memory with unprecedented performance. The combination of high-performance analytics and an easy-to-use data exploration interface enables different types of users to create and interact with graphs so they can understand and derive value from their data faster than ever. This creates an unprecedented ability to solve difficult problems, improve business performance and mitigate risk – rapidly and confidently.

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