Agile BI

What Agile BI can bring to your company!

Agile is a word that has been flying around for a few years in the world of IT.  But why not apply it to Business Intelligence?

Some of the biggest issues around Business Intelligence projects are:

  • A disconnect between the business and IT;
  • The failure to get results in an acceptable timeframe;
  • And, when these results are produced, they are often no longer in line the business’ expectations and requirements.

In addition, business users are much more IT-savvy than in the past and if IT cannot answer their needs, they will develop their own solutions that are not necessarily in line with the company’s IT strategy in terms of architecture and technology.

At LACO, we believe that our vision on Agile BI can help you overcome some of these hurdles.  Whether you are just beginning with Business Intelligence or already have a mature implementation, the following concepts can apply to you and your organisation.  In order to make Agile BI a reality in your organisation, the following fundamentals should be put in place:

  • An architecture and organisation that enable an Agile way of thinking and working;
  • The pragmatic use of key Agile project management concepts;
  • And, the integration of the most appropriate technologies.

To turn this into reality, we promote a two-speed conceptual Business Intelligence architecture.  The long-term track features a classic data warehouse and enterprise-BI implementation.  To this we add a short term track that aims to make data available quickly to answer specific business questions by using a sandbox environment.  By definition, the short term track should have a limited lifecycle.

By proactively managing the sometimes conflicting priorities of IT and the business, your organisation can reap the full benefits of its Business Intelligence infrastructure.