An efficient reporting environment requires more than just data

An efficient reporting environment requires more than just data. Data must be converted into information in the form of a useful report that users can consult any time.

When it comes to building reporting systems and business intelligence applications, LACO has enormous specialist expertise. We have extensive experience with various applications like SAS Web report Studio, SAS BI dashboard, IBM Cognos Query and Report Studio, Microsoft SSRS and so on.


Our consultants will guide you with outlining requested indicators and reports. We understand that the way in which information is made available has to be the basis for an efficient and proactive policy.

Information dashboards

Information dashboards enable you to see the most important data you need at a glance. Starting with a thorough analysis of what’s required, we create a less is more format which makes the most of a limited amount of space to present information clearly and directly so action can be taken immediately.

Operational business intelligence

Operational BI helps you to respond in a proactive and swift way to operational problems. An operational dashboard means you can take a prompt when something unexpected occurs. The shortened time between problem and solution offers a tangible gain in efficiency and profitability.