Data warehouse

We’ll help you develop the data warehouse that’s ideal for your organisation

Business intelligence is about providing the right information at the right time and in the correct format. But generating reports directly from operational sources can be stressful and potentially expensive, especially when resources are – for example – part of a mainframe system. And what about those reports no-one knows what to do with or how to interpret the data correctly?

A data warehouse is key to solving this problem. All data necessary to generate a usable report are collected in a central location – your data warehouse.

We know that the effectiveness of a data warehouse is dependent on meeting your specific needs. What are the source files? What kind of reporting is required? LACO embraces challenges. We’ll help you develop the data warehouse that’s ideal for your organization.

Extract, Transform and Load (ETL)

ETL is the data warehouse feeding procedure. First, all of the necessary source files are extracted from the source systems. Next, all files are transformed and merged where necessary before finally being loaded into the data warehouse. LACO has experience in all commonly used ETL tools, including SAS DI Studio, Cognos Data Manager, Microsoft SSIS and IBM Datastage.

As an independent service company, we’re the right people to offer advice on which tool would be best suited for you.

Data modelling

A data warehouse has a strong impact on the business intelligence of your company. So it’s essential to choose the right model from the start. Whether it’s a star or snowflake schema or even more flexible systems such as Data Vault, LACO is here. Should multiple operational models be integrated? Will there be enough storage for all data? How far do you go in tracking historical data? And what are the long term objectives of your company? We’ll help you decide.

Since needs do evolve, it is of course also essential to choose a model that is modular and can absorb changes efficiently. LACO takes all these factors into account and guarantees an optimal result, now and for the future.

Data mart

When you have set up a comprehensive data warehouse, you may need to use a data mart. A data mart is a tailor-made data model that stocks data for specific needs in a simplified way. As often as necessary, data from the data warehouse is transferred to the data mart. End users can  access this data for ad hoc reporting or analyses, or reports can be automatically generated.

Whether or not you need a data mart depends on the complexity of your data warehouse and on your distinctive needs. LACO has experience with various solutions which are always tailored to suit you.