Communities @ LACO

The concept of LACO Communities is about gathering and providing information in a specific interest area but above all it’s about involving and challenging people.
Not only discussing the information, but also critiquing, evaluating, adding experience and making some judgment about the worthiness of findings before disseminating findings as knowledge.
Participation in LACO Communities is open to all LACO consultants.

• The LACO Communities provide an opportunity for LACO consultants to access information and resources in a specific subject matter that pertains to the consultants’ profession.
• LACO Communities share knowledge
• through the delivery of information
• through the use of technology
• through workshops or informal meetings.

• LACO Communities support the creation of knowledge through common interests in ways that support the LACO mission, vision, and strategy.

• LACO Communities provide an entry point to LACO for junior consultants and new professionals.