Why work @ LACO

Because satisfied employees are also good employees

LACO’s success strongly depends on its people. That is why we look for individuals with real potential whose skills are linked to values ​​like integrity, flexibility and eagerness to learn. People who also believe in the power of collaboration to achieve brilliant results. People like you?

We coach, guide and motivate to offer opportunities to grow and develop a future within LACO. We do this primarily by listening but also by offering continuous support through education and training, not just on a technological level. We work equally hard on personal skills such as presentation techniques and persuasion. Annual intensive summer training is also offered, especially for school leavers.

Because we know there’s more to life than just work we make great efforts to create an environment where fun and teaming are key, to find a proper balance between work and home life. Because satisfied employees are also good employees. And of course, team spirit is also vital to boost your enthusiasm. We encourage this through things like knowledge sessions and presentations by outside experts but also with informal activities like sporting events, an annual incentive trip, or a family day.

Read how our people experience life with LACO and get convinced by their enthusiasm!