Emmaus provides health- and social care services. The group consists of about 20 care homes including two acute hospitals. These two acute hospitals both work with LACO. A first acute hospital AZ Sint-Maarten, has 625 beds divided over three campuses (two in Mechelen and one in Duffel). A second acute hospital AZ Sint-Jozef has 250 beds on one campus in Malle. Each hospital has a staff member who is responsible for policy preparatory studies.

Responding to change

The hospital market has changed significantly. Hospitals merge, there is a need for efficiency and modernization, the number of dependents continues to rise, there is more demand for quality and also technology continues to evolve quickly.
As Emmaus wants to stay ahead of the curve, a growing need for knowledge and understanding of the current activities is compulsory. Also, the options for the future should be clearly defined.
In addition, hospitals and clinicians have very extensive registration requirements. Most data is processed electronically, which makes it possible to use modern data warehouse technology.

LACO works on site

LACO is responsible for the technical development of the data warehouse of both hospitals. Emmaus preferred a permanent presence of consultants in close cooperation with the staff and the IT department of the hospital.
The LACO consultants are trained ‘on the job’ by the staff and other employees. After a comparative study of price and quality, Microsoft has been selected as best technology for the job.

A sturdy service towards the end user

The cooperation with LACO is tailor-made for the end user. LACO does not only develop the complex data models, but is also responsible for the construction of technical reports and the training of end users that goes with it.
This way the distribution and use of existing information is equally important as the development of new data sources.

This tailor-made cooperation with LACO allows Emmaus to provide a thorough service to the end users, which is considered as a very strong advantage.