FPS Economy

In a constantly evolving context – on both national and international level – the task of the FPS Economy is threefold. In addition to promoting the competitiveness of the federal economic union, a healthy competition in all of the services and goods markets must be guaranteed at all times. Finally also the sustainability of developments in this market should be assured. This can only be achieved when the market is well framed, with due attention to the relationships between all economic actors. Not only a good understanding of the economic structures, but also relevant analytics and statistics are therefore indispensable.

Seamless migration

The FPS Economy has a data warehouse platform across different servers. One of the major strategic projects of this Public Service is to calculate the price index. This calculation is done partly on a mainframe using SAS software. The challenge exists in migrating the SAS code, that runs on this mainframe, to various other platforms, in order to reducing cost and making the investment profitable. The experts of LACO are immediately available and add real value because of the fact that they are familiar with both the old technology (IMS, Cobol, SAS Base) as well as with the very latest.


The project includes a number of programs and data that must be migrated seamlessly. In addition, the programs constantly change in order to meet the actual political needs. With each new migration must therefore be taken into account that all the changes should also be applied to the already migrated programs.

LACO has truly contributed to the success of this project, by putting the right people on the right job at the right time in a competent and highly accurate way. The migration was completed by June 2012, allowing the FPS Economy to save thousands on expensive mainframe licenses.