Manage your administrative, medical and financial data optimally

Health care today is facing major challenges. Patients and visitors set increasingly high standards, medical staff are being obliged to concentrate on medical tasks as much as possible and the Government’s financial assistance is being scaled back sharply.

Hospitals, often in groups, are dealing with challenging IT and business-related problems.

In order to solve these, you must be able to work with people who have practical experience and know what they are talking about.

Clear perspective on funding

Various factors have an impact on the funding of your organization:

  • How do you combine data from different systems (e.g. analyses concerning the funding of the pharmacy) with each other?
  • How do you improve patient data quality?
  • How do you respond to the ever increasing demand for information from the government, patients and others?
  • How do you enable business users to create and manage their own reports?
  • How do you take care of the huge IT workload?
  • How do you reduce the high volume of manual work?
  • How do you handle incorrect or incomplete registrations (for example, the correct charging of nomenclatures)?

Financial optimization

It is clear that it is becoming increasingly important to optimally manage your administrative, medical and financial data.

This is only possible if you are able to combine available data from different domains. You need a company-wide Business Intelligence solution that provides plenty of benefits:

  • You get a better insight into your organization so you can more accurately record the activities performed, which will ultimately cause revenues to rise.
  • With a financial optimization (e.g. sound foundations using an optimized MCD-registration), you win.
  • Thanks to an analysis of past and present activity and the related funding, you are able to predict future financing in detail.

Knowledge of the facts

LACO has been actively involved in the healthcare sector since 2005. So LACO’s consultants are not only at home in the world of Business Intelligence and data warehousing, but they are also deeply familiar with healthcare.

Choosing LACO means working with a technology independent partner that already has a reputation as the professional partner of choice for a number of HIS-software providers.

LACO provides strategic advice on the specific approach needed for BI/data warehouse projects in healthcare and takes, if necessary, the lead in:

  • Business analysis and data modelling;
  • ETL development;
  • OLAP cubes development;
  • The development of reports (operational, management or government reporting);
  • Coaching key users;
  • Setting up training programs for internal IT staff.

LACO’s consultants have built up extensive expertise in areas including patient administration, tariffication and invoicing, fee management, MCD and pharmacy.