LACO will help you to a clear view

Manufacturing companies face numerous challenges. There’s always a demand for production to be faster. Clients ask for things to be specifically customized for them. And all the time competitors are mushrooming around the world.

To maintain your competitive edge, you need to take into account factors which are often complex and there are a number of questions which need to be answered:

  • Do we work together with our suppliers as effectively as we could do and how can we improve on our purchasing policy?
  • What steps can we take to produce more cost efficiently?
  • What is our view on global warehousing: Build-to-plan or make to order?
  • How do we get more out of our e-commerce? Is it useful to work with Shared Service Centres? Do we respond as fast as we could to rapidly evolving customer needs?
  • How much time and money does the annual goods inventory cost us?
  • How do we successfully blend Sales and Operations Planning with our production?
You can be much more confident when you have a solid Business Intelligence strategy and create a software environment that allows quick changes.

LACO will help you to a clear view on supply chain and to acquire enough insight to make the right decisions. Our experienced software developers are more than able to meet your specific needs – visualizing and follow-up on production processes, for example.


We can also help you develop a balanced scorecard based on strong Key Performance Indicators (KPIs), which is vital for success. Typical KPIs for manufacturing companies are increasing revenue, management cost savings during production, reducing excess materials and waste, cutting down production run-times and so on.

All of these KPIs are recorded in percentages, so you can make comparisons easily and have a correct perspective on the actual situation.