Providing proper and efficient services to the citizen is key

In recent years, Belgian federal government services have undergone a true metamorphosis. Providing proper and efficient services to the citizen is key so government services are increasingly being administered like service companies in the private sector.

Achieving strategic policy objectives through the implementation of sound management tools is just one example of recent Government modernization.

Effective management tools are now an absolute necessity to be able to continue to guarantee good service provision and the proper and efficient implementation of core assignments with the best possible application of the resources within set deadlines.

LACO is perfectly placed to implement additional efficiencies and draw out a strategic roadmap by using software development and BI. Developing a long term vision for systems is crucial and we’ll consider:

  • Data quality in relevant systems and its communication between business and IT
  • Interoperability between systems
  • Accessibility and data security
  • Measurability of the processes through dashboarding with KPI

By deploying and optimizing these elements, custom software and BI within government services will become an increasingly powerful tool.