Agile Project Approach

The success of a project highly depends on the way it is approached. An Agile Project Approach ensures the best outcome for projects where specifications regularly change or when they are not yet completely defined from the beginning. Also, for projects where the complexity and unpredictability are too large to schedule every step in advance, or in case there’s not enough familiarity with the new software, this approach ensures the best results.

An Agile approach also makes it possible to react very quickly. The daily reality can rarely be captured in clear and well-defined rules, so there is need for agility and flexibility. During short iterations, the best result is pursued with the information that is at hand at that specific moment in time. The customer has full control on the priorities and can change them whenever needed.

After each iteration an evaluation of the results is delivered. And with each new iteration a planning is done by the team itself. This way the planning is based on experience, which grows during the entire project. In short: flexibility, speed, quality and practicality are the key features of an Agile Project Approach.
LACO consultants are selected based on these values​​. To ensure that an effective BI vision becomes reality, LACO can deliver any type of project, or fulfill specific roles such as a certified ScrumMaster or developer.
Besides half or full day consultancy in order to answer specific questions, we also offer customized training.