LACO University

Kick start your career!

LACO is growing at incredible pace. Not surprising, when you realize that Business Intelligence is one of the fastest growing activities in the marketplace. So, we have a need for driven experts in Cognos, SAS and Microsoft solutions…

But it is precisely this expertise that’s insufficiently available in the market today. Demand exceeds supply every year. And that’s why LACO has taken an exciting new initiative: we give what we call young potentials the opportunity to attend an intensive Cognos or SAS training program finishing with an educational internship and certification.

Offering them every opportunity to take advantage of professional training to guide their first steps towards a successful career. And as a customer you get the chance to let them work in your company for a full month.

So if you are new to Cognos and/or SAS and you want to learn from experts with extensive experience then our ‘LACO University’ is your ideal training formula.

  • Discover here what the Cognos University has to offer for developers of reports, designers and Cognos experts in the making. The number of participants is limited, so quickly reserve your place in this exclusive training formula here
  • The fast track program of SAS allows different scenarios. Choose your learning path here and confirm your participation here.

Info and registration: or +32 (0)2 709 79 00
LACO’s terms & conditions can be found here.