Azure Data Analyst / Developer


  • As an Azure Data Analyst / Developer, you will work on innovative projects, leveraging the latest technologies and tools to deliver results. With a proactive attitude and a commitment to continuous learning, you will be an asset to any team.
  • Translate functional data manipulation logic into technical data transformation logic.
  • Execute data profiling activities on a wide range of data sources with varying technical formats and data structures.
  • Create technical data objects such as tables and views taking care of index creation, partitioning,…
  • Develop data extractions from a broad range of source systems.
  • Develop data transformations to join, filter, aggregate and transpose data.
  • Develop algorithms to apply and manipulate data objects.
  • Develop verification code to monitor the quality of data based on technical and business criteria.
  • Build, maintain and use meta data (technical, quality and run related).
  • Create test data for unit testing as well as for system & integration testing.


  • Bachelor’s and/or Master’s in computer science or equivalent.
  • Developer mindset.
  • Focus on quality with an eye for details.
  • Strong data manipulation skills.
  • Experience with SQL, Azure Synapse, Data Factory, DAX, Brickx.
  • Good knowledge of SSIS, SSRS, SSAS and Tabular.
  • Knowledge of diverse types of data storage for structured data.
  • Fluent in Dutch and/or French and English.


  • You will have the opportunity to participate in end-to-end projects in various industries.
  • In return for your expertise, you will receive an attractive salary package, including a company car, as well as excellent benefits and training opportunities to develop your knowledge and advance your career in the world of data intelligence.
  • Excellent benefits combined with many training opportunities to develop your knowledge and career in the world of data intelligence.
  • Our LACO coaches will guide and motivate you, helping you to grow and build a sustainable career. Plus, at LACO, we believe in the fun-factor, and you’ll be involved in innovation tracks that challenge and inspire you. Do not miss this exciting opportunity – apply today!

Apply in 5 steps!

Expect a call

Let’s talk! How can we help each other?

Let’s meet!

Time to get acquainted. We’ll dive deeper into your specific skills and expertise, and you’ll get the opportunity to ask us anything about how we work and what life is like at LACO.

Our second date

Things are getting serious. Time to meet our HR Director, Solange De Bondt. During a friendly talk, we’ll explore your motivations and what we can mean for each other. If you’re an experienced consultant, we’ll gauge your current skill level and experience. This will also allow us to start drafting a career path and the appropriate guidance to maximize your growth.

This step also consists of an in-depth interview with a senior manager and an expert consultant, integrating you in the LACO culture and valorizing your expertise in depth.

An offer you can’t refuse

Next up: getting down to the nitty-gritty. We’ll make you an offer that’s tailored to your needs and expectations, along with a personal onboarding plan. Welcome to the family!

Before your first day

After you’ve signed your contract, you’ll receive your onboarding plan. This will give you a clear idea of what to expect during your first days.
We look forward to having you with us!

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