Mobile BI

Analytics on the go!

Mobile business is the future, and the same can be said about Business Intelligence. Saving time, flexibility and responsiveness are absolutely key.

End users are no longer tied to their desktop or laptop computers. Nowadays, a significant part of them eagerly makes use of mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets. That is why it is important to make sure important company information is available on the road.

There are several ways of building mobile applications, which can generally be divided in three main categories:

  • Native applications can be considered as platform-independent versions of an application. Their biggest asset is the fact that, because they have been specifically designed for a certain platform, they are able to make optimal use of all the hardware of that device. Additionally, these applications can typically be used offline and can interact with other apps on the mobile device.
  • A web application can be described as the mobile version of a website. This website has been specifically built to be viewed and used on mobile devices. These applications are typically platform-independent and can consequently be used on most mobile devices. While such applications usually feature low development costs, they generally lack support for the device hardware and permanently require an internet connection to function.
  • A hybrid application is a combination of a native application and a web application. The base of such applications is a native application featuring a framework, which incorporates content and data from a website. Hybrid applications enjoy a satisfactory freedom and flexibility, but do require additional maintenance.

Next to the traditional mobile applications such as email, calendar and contacts, the market is increasingly demanding mobile analytics and mobile business intelligence apps. LACO is closely monitoring this trend and can help you transforming your current data into mobile reports for smartphones and/or tablets.

LACO’s vision is characterized by several key points, which are essential for the implementation of mobile BI in an organization. Mobile BI applications with integrated reporting must be:

  • Simple to use and intuitive
  • Easy to integrate with existing systems
  • Perfectly secure

This way, our customers are able to consume and analyze their critical company information, anywhere and anytime.