Data governance
aligning business and IT

After you’ve set up a data strategy and data platform, the next challenge is to establish your data governance: how will you structure your business and IT organizations to leverage the full power of your data. Data governance is a multifaceted discipline that focuses on data quality, master data management, and metadata management, among others.

At LACO, we guide you in setting up the organizational building blocks for robust data governance. By not only treating your data as an asset but also managing and maintaining its quality, you’ll uncover its value and ensure compliance with privacy regulations.

Data quality

Data quality has to be monitored and maintained continuously according to a set of rules. Data quality is not something that can be assumed or checked and validated once. It’s a constant concern, requiring perpetual efforts to guarantee a consistent and acceptable quality level over time.

Master data management

Master data management (MDM) refers to the management of unique references of key corporate information. Keeping a single customer or product reference, for example, is a challenge that should not be underestimated. Managing this master data is an ongoing effort that requires the appropriate organization and processes.

Metadata management

Metadata management is all about documenting the data platform. This can happen from a business point of view with the help of a business glossary describing the business concepts behind the stored data, and from a technical point of view, listing how data is stored, protected, its lineage. The relevance of this sort of data has increased significantly within the context of GDPR.

Our data governance solutions

CDO Organization
While many big companies today have chief data officers, very few of them are already successful. The reason? There is no ‘one size fits all’ solution, as the configuration depends on many company and market-related factors. At LACO, we aim to set up a data organization that is in line with the evolution of your data strategy.

Organization and processes for a successful self-service BI rollout
Self-service BI has been around for a while now, with Excel being the most widely used tool for users to gain business insights. LACO will help you avoid the known pitfalls of self-service BI and manage the contradiction of ‘governed freedom’, all while ensuring your employees get the insights they need when they need them.

Data privacy & GDPR compliance roadmap
Data privacy has gone from a ‘nice to have’ to a hard requirement. To ensure that your data policy is compliant, you first need to know your data and what it is used for. LACO assesses, documents and evaluates your data as is, helps you mitigate (in the case of) compliance issues, and defines and introduces the right procedures needed to maintain compliance over time.

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