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Our people are the key to our success. That’s why we’re always on the lookout for passionate, qualified and skilled professionals to join our ranks. What do we offer? An open working environment with strong values, a commitment to continuous learning, and a team of colleagues dedicated to achieving brilliant results.

Whether you’re a young professional looking to build experience or a senior professional in search of a challenge that suits your track record: we’ve got a place for you at LACO.

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What to expect
from a career at LACO

What’s it like to work for the biggest data intelligence (DI) company in Belgium? While much depends on the specific role you’ll take up, there are a couple of principles we adhere to, whether you are relatively new to the field or highly experienced.


We believe in performance management

At LACO, you won’t find the standard evaluation process that is so common in our field. Instead, we focus on performance management: a thoughtful and considerate process that encourages you to become the best version of yourself and develop your skills.

How do we do this

From the start of your career, you’ll partner up with an experienced colleague at LACO. Your mentor will be the go-to person for any questions and to learn all about the ins and outs of the company and your specific role.

How do we do this

Our approach is tailored to your experience and personality. Meaning: we’ll assign you missions that are in line with your capabilities and ambitions, in mutual agreement. The clear career path we offer will continuously challenge you to take the next step.


We empower you

You’re not ‘just’ an employee. You’re part of the team. Your unique context, ambitions, aspirations, and skills will impact the way LACO grows. Tell us what drives you, what gives you energy, and what you dream of achieving in your professional life. We’ll offer the tools to overcome challenges and make it happen – at your own pace.


We help you go beyond your limits

Becoming the best version of yourself means exploring your limits and going beyond them. It’s not just about what you are today, but what you want to be tomorrow: as a consultant, as a professional, and as a human being.

How do we do this

At LACO, you’ll gain access to a wide range of courses and training sessions.

  • Practical courses that are linked to specific assignments
  • Classes that will help you learn new skills and advance your career
  • Self-development courses that bring out the best in you, personally and professionally
  • SMART coaching trajectories where you’ll learn from the experts
  • In-depth knowledge of innovative and supporting Knowledge Sharing Sessions
  • And last but not least: the opportunity to get to know your colleagues and yourself through personal assessments.
How do we do this

Through our solid organizational structure, we ensure an accessible management team. Every year, we organize a strategic meeting with our consultants to facilitate and consolidate strategic initiatives. Our innovation platform functions as an incubator for all your bright ideas. After all, we believe that if you have an idea, you become part of the solution.


We believe in participative management

We encourage you to bring your ideas about our offering, services, marketing opportunities, innovations, HR, etc. to the management team and become a part of our continuous growth.


We believe in a healthy work-life balance

Delivering excellence to our customers every day requires a lot of energy. That’s why recharging is an integral part of working at LACO.

How do we do this

Apart from fostering a warm and friendly atmosphere, we aim to create a working environment that enables you to keep your work and home life in balance. Therefore, you are in charge of your schedule, with working from home as a possibility. In addition, we organize regular informal activities like sports events, incentive trips and family days to boost our team spirit.

How do we do this

Changing things up is as easy as talking to your manager and letting them know what your ambitions and goals are.


We don’t believe in the silo mentality

Joining LACO in one particular domain doesn’t mean you’re stuck there for the rest of your career. Moving from SAS to Microsoft, for example, is entirely possible. How you grow, how you evolve: it’s all in your hands.

10 reasons to consider
a career at LACO

The jobs we offer

Data Engineer / Data Scientist

A big data daredevil that bridges the gap between IT/DI and business.

You structure, process, analyze, report and visualize (big) data. Hereby you prepare the data consumption to provide new business insights based on data. You are an expert in DI tools, such as SAS and Microsoft BI, and big data technologies.

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Data Analyst / Data Architect

Your perfect date? Insightful data.

You are the liaison between the business and the IT/DI team. You have a deep understanding of the business, which allows you to determine business requirements, define key performance indicators, develop a data warehouse structure and design the data models.

You work closely with business leaders and information management teams to create the reference architecture for the data intelligence or analytics solutions. Hereby you enable the organization to take full control of and valorize their data.

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BI Project Manager / Data Management

The conductor of the orchestra, with a successful DI project as the perfect symphony.

You build the foundation of the DI and data warehouse strategy. This means you master the BI/DI platform, set up the data management architecture, implement a roadmap on data management and elaborate recommendations concerning self-service DI processes and tools.

You are responsible for the delivery of specific DI projects. You make a plan, set priorities and safeguard the budget. You’ll communicate and coordinate with the business, the DI project members and IT.

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Business Analyst BI

Your goal? Turning data into critical business information.

Your deep understanding of the specific business enables you to fully understand the business processes and determine business requirements to build innovative – data analyses and data consumption – solutions. Your solutions will lead to new business insights based on data.

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