The reliable data partner
in your digital transformation

LACO is a Belgian-based business and data intelligence company with over 35 years of experience. Way back in 1994, we were the first SAS partner in Belgium. Today we are still the largest and most experienced partner. Since 2006, we have successfully expanded with a second entity to Microsoft Azure. Our third practice specializes in data governance and advanced analytics also covering some best-of-breed technologies like R, Python and Hadoop. Today, our team of over 110 consultants is dedicated to helping businesses in a wide variety of industries to leverage the untapped power of data and navigate the digital realm.

What LACO does and how we do it

  • We guide you to unlock your full potential by setting up an actionable data strategy that results in a sustainable architecture in line with your organization’s long-term needs.
  • We strengthen you to conquer short-, mid- and long-term challenges through innovative solutions.
  • We focus on reliable, business-driven results, rather than cost-inefficient innovation fancies.
  • We maintain an end-to-end approach, including change management and user training.
  • We avoid never-ending projects but work on agile, actionable projects delivering long-term business added value.

How we work:
a philosophy of partnerships

Our clients are our partners.

But what does that mean, exactly?

It means

  • we provide full transparency in our commitment to create added value for your company,
  • we aim to be the first company that comes to mind when you think about data intelligence (DI),
  • we strive to exceed your expectations in terms of the quality we deliver,
  • we go the extra mile to make your project a success,
  • we help you overcome any challenges you’re facing.

What do we want in return?

That you are committed to taking on those challenges and are transparent about your ambitions. That you are ready to step into a mutual partnership based on trust and understanding, with the sole aim of increasing added value.

If you step into this partnership with us…

…you will find in us a valuable companion to navigating the digital world. Not by pushing our offering and promising the moon, but by helping you get your basics right and providing fertile ground for the innovation you need. We will bring you artificial intelligence, machine learning, bots, etc. but in a secure way, not just for the sake of doing it.


The companies who engage in DI today will be leading tomorrow. Those who don’t are bound to trail behind. Act now. Act sustainably.

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Meet the LACO team

Who are we? A team of over 110 experienced consultants and professionals, passionate about turning data into insights. Nice to meet you!

The leadership team

Coming from vastly different backgrounds, LACO’s leadership team is a dynamic unit approaching challenges in a unique and flexible way.

Solange De Bondt

HR Director

Having been a part of LACO for over 30 years, Solange is not your typical HR director. With her vast experience as an IT consultant, she bridges the gap between growing the business and enabling personal and professional growth for all members of the LACO family. As an established value in the management team, she keeps a close eye on the company’s DNA and humanity in a fast-paced environment.


“My mission as a member of the leadership team is to enable LACO and everyone who works here to grow to his or her full potential”



Sandra Steuns

Administration Director

As Administration Director, Sandra ensures the well-functioning of the admin department. Her extensive experience in different HR domains enables her to bridge the gap with other departments to help them achieve their objectives by offering the necessary administrative support. Her coordinating and operational function between the different administrations truly grants her the title of LACO’s backbone.


“My drive, strong empathic and analytical skills really are my greatest assets. Therefore my commitment to the well-being of LACO and its employees is always at the top of my mind!”



Roel De Cuyper, Sales Director at LACO

Roel De Cuyper

Sales & Marketing Director

Roel is an experienced and committed business-oriented professional with a strong technical background, able to deal with many aspects of IT. In various roles, Roel dealt with numerous IT project challenges, and this, by preference, through a pragmatic approach with a “short time to market” as the main objective to satisfy project stakeholders. Roel is, as Sales & Marketing Director, focused on results through team collaboration and a sense of urgency, using personal qualities of tact, judgment, and customer adaptability, as well as political awareness, motivational, listening, and commercial skills.


“A well-oiled team that trusts each other is the power of a successful future-proof organization.”



A family
business at its core

Even today, LACO is still very much a family business, owned by founders Hubert Meersmans and Willem Compernolle. From the very beginning, over thirty years ago, LACO was founded as a Belgian company providing excellent IT and data services. Today, the same commitment to greatness is what still drives the organization and its people.