Pharma & Chemistry

LACO offers more than 20 years of experience in Pharma & Chemistry

The demands to bring new products to market at ever increasing speeds, pose major challenges for today’s pharmaceutical companies:

  • How do we deal with patents that bring in billions of Euros but which will expire within a short period?
  • What is our response to increasing competition from new market entrants?
  • How do we limit our rising R&D costs?
  • How does the increasingly complex regulatory environment affect total costing details?
  • Are we able to fulfil the increasingly short time to market for new medicines?

It’s about remaining competitive, building market share and maintaining growth without losing quality.

Departments such as R&D, sales and marketing produce large volumes of data and use many software systems to collect it. There’s also external data. LACO develops the appropriate software solutions and Business Intelligence strategy to allow you to manage, integrate and coordinate all data so correct business-critical decisions can be taken.

Our consultants have over twenty years of experience in the pharmaceutical sector. Talk to us about Clinical Data Analysis, Clinical Data Management, Quality and Risk Reporting, Marketing and Sales Performance Management, Financial and Operational Performance Management.