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The hospital market has changed significantly. As Emmaus wants to stay ahead of the curve, a growing need for knowledge and understanding of the current activities is compulsory. That's why they came to LACO.


A huge number of programs and data needed to be migrated. These programs also constantly change to meet the actual political needs. LACO has contributed to the success of this project, by putting the right people on the right job at the right time.   CONTINUE READING

Luc De Pauw,

Luc De Pauw,<br />Securex

It’s the expertise and the integrity of its consultants that makes LACO so powerful.

Emmanuel Bodart,

Emmanuel Bodart, <br />GSK Bio

Always good to know that LACO is capable of offering different type of profiles.

Leo Schoovaerts,

Leo Schoovaerts,<br />Belfius

We are currently working on a Solvency II project, which runs smoothly with LACO.

Paul Vandeloo,

Paul Vandeloo,<br />Imec

Since many years we are able to count on LACO’s expertise to make the difference.

Jan Strauven,

Jan Strauven,<br />P&V

The focus of LACO is on the customer and the solution, deliver high quality at all times.

Marc Kegelaers, Vanbreda Risk & Benefits

Marc Kegelaers, Vanbreda Risk & Benefits

We are working with LACO since the late 90’s, and always had a satisfying experience.