... It is our job as teachers to offer our students solutions and insight

Our students speak…

I liked that the trainer had extensive experience as a consultant in our industry. He really understood the questions that had to do with our business.

A great trainer. Nice mix of theory, demos and guided exercises.

The tailor-made course was well structured and the content was entirely tailored to our needs. The trainer was very helpful and made sure we had enough time for exercises and questions.

Our trainers speak…

I’ve learned from experience that training mainly comes down to speaking a language your students understand. And that’s why all LACO trainers – including myself – take a lot of effort to really understand what specific sectors are all about, and to turn questions into answers that everyone can use to move on with. So, I firmly believe that training should be given from a purely practical standpoint, with lots of attention to exercises and examples directly related to the specific sector. That’s the only way you can make training into a true success story for everyone.

J.D., Microsoft Trainer

My training is based on practical experience. Here at LACO, the emphasis is clearly on the daily needs of our customers, and every theoretical approach will at the very least be illustrated with a few practical examples. Practice makes perfect, so we provide our students with sufficient practical exercises and examples during training. We will never shy away from specific problems or detail questions. Finally, it is our job as teachers to offer our students solutions, or at least offer them insight into possibilities to reach solutions on their own. Only then will training be interesting and instructive.

S.B., Cognos Trainer

As a consultant and trainer with LACO I always try to as much as possible empathize with the customer’s situation. Hands-on training, with targeted demonstrations and real-life examples, ensures that the customer receives a complete picture. Providing training is more than just explaining a tool or running out your slides, it’s about making sure the customer understands the subject matter and that he/she leaves the training room with head held high, thinking: “I’m ready and can’t wait to get started on this new project!”

N.VdB., SAS Trainer